The Garden

Ok. It's my first try at this, but I am truly excited to attempt our first garden.

Isaac recently began the labor-intensive job of tearing out the old wood fence (complete with barbwire... yuck!) and designed a rustic-looking metal fence that I LOVE! I am not much of a "metal worker" but did try to help. I only came away with one injury- flat metal to my shin... it swelled up like those bumps you see on cartoons! But it's healing fast and I can't complain.

It's fun to learn more about what he does... welding is crazy amazing! I have so many ideas for projects we can do around the house (none of which can be considered DIY since they are all "Make Isaac do"), but I'll still include them in my blog!

What we are planting this year:

Valmaine Lettuce
Bambino and Heinz Tomatoes
Minature Bell Peppers
Cube of Butter Squash
Pizza Peppers

One of my co-workers suggested so that is where I ordered seeds and live plants from this year. I will see if next year I just need to buy more locally.

In the fall:
Daffodil bulbs
Tulip bulbs

We also planted a Honey Crisp Apple Tree- not sure if he will be able to withstand the Hayden environment, though!

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